Welcome to the Virtual BlueNIGHTS!

On 30 September 2022, this platform will connect the events of the Blue European Researchers' NIGHTs that will take place in 8 cities on the Atlantic, Baltic, Black Sea, Mediterranean coasts and inland (https://bluenights.eu/).

Join us to explore the events and activities that will take place in each of these cities, meet researchers working on ocean issues across disciplines to strengthen the resilience of our society. Together we can design a better present and a brighter sustainable management of the ocean to adapt to a rapidly changing world and achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda.


In order to bring together the BlueNIGHTs from eight different countries and connect different time zones, we have developed an agenda where you can see ALL the BlueNIGHTs gathered in the Auditorium at the same time in a joint welcoming ceremony at 16:00 CET.

As the time zones and schedules are different for each country, we invite you to consult the individual country agendas below.

Interested in finding out how the BlueNIGHTs project is developing a digital twin of an oceanographic research vessel? Take part in the 'Virtual tour of Aranda' starting at 16:00 CET, to understand how we are building it and the various activities of the marine researchers and their daily life on board in their floating environment.

Also, discover the EU corner. Drop by to learn about the various funding opportunities offered by the European Commission and the MSCA action for researchers and students at different stages of their careers.